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Jeff Mills Partners With NTS Radio, NASA For 6-Part Series Exploring Science, Space & Music

Jeff Mills takes us to space with his latest project, The Outer Limits.
Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills has seen and done just about everything in the electronic music business. As a pioneering techno DJ and producer, the Detroit native can now work on some fascinating projects. He is teaming up with NTS Radio in cahoots with NASA and Axis Records for a special six-part series called The Outer Limits. The series will combine music with physics, science fiction and elements of each as it explores their individual dynamics and how they are interconnected.

The project will step outside of electronic music with completely new and unreleased music by Jeff Mills and others. It will include jazz, classical and also electronic music with scientific direction and imagery by NASA.

"‘The Outer Limits’, titled after a science fiction US TV series in the 1960s is yet another opportunity for me to explore the unknown through music and fantastical storytelling. The aim of this radio program is to deliver wild experiences, first and foremost,” says Jeff Mills in a statement. “This is something that I believe each and every one of us needs more of. These episodes will be told in an uncompromising manner, constructed in ways conventional radio dares not explore. ‘The Outer Limits’ is informative, providing useful information, but in a never before seen format ...”

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The first episode will take place this Wednesday, January 17 at 2pm (GMT/UK) / 3pm (CET/EU) and will be about Black Holes. The first invitees will be the pianist Kathleen Supové and violinist Thomas Gould, who recorded for the episode over the past summer in both New York and London. Dr. Jameson Collins of LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Laboratory) narrated and wrote some of the episode.

Each episode will be an hour, starting with this week. The series will be broadcast over the course of a year. Each one will have a interstellar theme, though the final episode focused solely on music. Get more info and tune into the episode when it is time here.

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