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Korg has today announced the latest addition to their -logue series synths, dubbed the 'Prologue'. Building off the foundation of their highly successful Minilogue and Monologue synths, these full size keyboards add many new levels of tweak-ability and sound design possibilities. It could be said that the new synth is simply a full-sized Minilogue, but that's just the beginning. With up to 16 voices for the 61-key version, the Prologue is able to create massive, lush, and vibrant sounds, thanks in part to the onboard DSP effects. 


The new prologue is a two-timbre synth that allows two different programs to be played simultaneously. In addition to layer and split, the Prologue provides four voice modes:Poly, Mono, Unison or Chord, allowing the user to freely combine the 16 or 8 voices for performances. The dual effects section includes Mod and Delay/Reverb, each with areas for user-created algorithms. Basically, this thing is a powerhouse, wrapped up into a modern and sleek package. We are huge fans of what Korg has been turning out the past couple years, and this truly sets the bar that much higher for their competition. Check out the Prologue in the video below.

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