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Soul cannot be manufactured, it must be conjured from the clash between darkness and light. It's hard to use words to describe what it feels like to hear it, but you know damn well when do. In this manner, Peter Croce's "Revival" is simply dripping in spirit. Released on Rocksteady Disco nearly a year ago, the original is a house edit of a speech given at the 2016 Democratic National Convention by Reverend Dr. William J. Barber II. Rousing in every way shape and form, it grips the heart and drives home the need for fierceness when reviving moral fortitude. It is thematically fitting, then, that at the birth of this new year, Rocksteady Disco is bringing it back to light

Like the majority of the releases on the label, this remix from LADYMONIX is an understated production whose power lies in it's subtlety. Intricate by nature, the track builds upon itself effortlessly, constructing a sonic bridge between Detroit soul and NY garage house. The straightforward vocal samples fold unto themselves, leading to a track whose glorious power is wrought forth with candor.

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The full EP, Remixes, Rarities, & VIPs Vol. 1, drops January 12th. Pre-order here!

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