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Looking to Up Your Turntable Game? The New Technics Turntable is Worth $20K

Shiny and perfect and totally beyond our budget.

Technics has announced two brand new turntables, the SP-10 and SL-1000 deck, for serious audiophiles who have money to burn. The SP-10R will reportedly be $10,000 and the SL-1000R is set to be around a hefty $20,000. 

The SP-10R is, according to Fact Magazine, is "powered by a coreless direct drive motor, with the rubber-dampened aluminium platter stabilized by a 10mmm brass weight, giving it a mass of 7.9kg." On the other hand, "the SL-1000R adds a base and S-shaped tone arm alongside a dust cover and tungsten peripheral weights." In essence, this is sure to provide a clean and powerful sound for pristine record listening moments. 

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