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Los Angeles Has Been Slow To Get Into The Recreational Marijuana Game

Surrounding cities like West Hollywood and Santa Ana are gaining ground while LA lags.
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The city of Los Angeles has reportedly been slow in giving out permits for Los Angeles dispensaries so that they can shift from medicinal to recreational, prompting many business owners to feel frustrated and stressed from the lack of progress now 11 days after the new year. 

Because of this, they've also reportedly seen a lack of sales growth that other dispensaries in nearby locations like Santa Ana and West Hollywood, where some dispensaries have seen their sales increase threefold. 

California's law was enacted on January 1st, however, Los Angeles only started accepting permit applications on January 3. These applications could also only be submitted by dispensaries that have been legally selling medical marijuana already. 

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Los Angeles' Cannabis Department, for their part, are saying that all permits should be approved by January 24th, and further explained that "“We’re not trying to win a race — we’re here to get this right." 

Many shop-owners have been infuriated at the slow process, and are hoping to get an approval asap to get their chance at increased sales in the new year and opening up a major market for sales in California. 

More information on this can be found via NBC News

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