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With 2017 mostly in the rearview mirror, it is time to look ahead to what is to come for 2018. With many artists breaking out in 2017 it is time to see who might be the candidates to do the same in 2018 and others who you should keep an eye on this year.

1. Elderbrook: You may know him as the voice of the smash collaboration with Camelphat “Cola,” but there is more to Elderbrook. He released a collab with Andhim in 2015 and unveiled his first large project Talking in 2017. He has been a popular target for remixes by dance music’s elite with a smooth voice and easy-going, danceable production style that could put him in the same range as a Bob Moses. Don't be surprised to see him blow up in a BIG way this year.

2. Yaeji: One of 2017’s critical darlings, Yaeji released two highly touted EPs, notably EP2 late on in the year. Singing over her own unique brand of beats that have house, hip-hop and R&B mixed together, Yaeji is poised to be an even bigger force in 2018.

3. Dax J: The London-based, Berlin-born producer made headlines this year after being sentenced to prison in Tunisia for playing a song that included a Muslim call to prayer, however his music should be taking the spotlight. Gritty, deep and industrial, the techno producer brings that hard Berlin sound to a world audience and is about ready to break through on a global level. Get ready for Dax J.

4. Slenderbodies: The latest Mind of a Genius signees, Slenderbodies, borrow a lot of their sound from the main man on the roster ZHU, but there are some distinct differences. Upbeat and danceable, there is an organic feel to their sound with guitars and percussion behind distant, falsettos. The group has a project coming in the beginning of the year and will look to keep the momentum going throughout 2018.

5. Umfang: Releasing one of techno’s better albums in 2017, Umfang rise into 2018 will only continue. She has already found herself on a variety of big festival bookings and risen as an artist and an activist. With an album under her belt, expect her confidence and stock to only grow in 2018 and beyond.

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6. Tim Engelhardt: A youngster out of Cologne, but someone who has already put together an impressive discography, Tim Engelhardt has already put out two large projects, including Moments Of Truth in 2017, but shows no signs of slowing down into 2018.

7. Kllo: Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam, cousins from Melbourne, first put out in music in 2014. At the end of 2017, Kllo released their debut Backwater and it found them hitting their stride with a bit of house, R&B, pop, chillout and everything in between with tales of growing up. The pair will continue to grow into 2018 as they bring the momentum of Backwater into the New Year and beyond.

8. G Perico: The LA rapper has been bubbling up over the past few years, finally getting some substantial fan and critic love in 2017, culminating in his December album 2 Tha Left. The West Coast rapper brings an old school flare with a new school vibe in a refreshing way and has a lot of people exciting for his sound. With plenty of shows scheduled for 2018 and a lot of cosigns, expect a big year in 2018 from Perico.

9. Pompeya: Russian indie-pop band, Pompeya has been making music for several years now, but they are on the cusp of that big break. Their July, 2017 EP Domino was their funkiest and most mature project to date and shows how far they are progressing as a group. They have the right sound to break out and everything is in place for 2018 to be the year.

10. Lo Moon: The group got substantial play from just one single, playing large festivals, going on their own tours and supporting big acts for tours around the US and Europe. There is a lot of pressure to follow that up and in 2018 an album is expected from them soon. They need to capture the magic of “Loveless” and deliver a full album.

Wild Card: Sonny: This is somewhat of a wildcard and a deep pick, but Sonny (not Skrillex), is someone to keep an eye one. The Danish producer released his first project in December C.E. and it showed a lot of promise. He fuses elements of jazz with electronica, and a bit of R&B into his music in nescient career. Keep an eye on Sonny as he grows in 2018.

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