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This years selection of top cans was filled with insane tech from the 3D microphone system of the Sennheiser Ambeo Headset to the modular wireless in-ear system from the UK's Flare Audio. 2017 might have been a turbulent year all around but at least it was a good year for your ears. Here are our top 5 headphones of the year in no particular order, clink the links for full reviews and more info and get your credit card out, because you are definitely going to one at least one pair of these.

Sennheiser has dropped one of the more interesting headphones of the year that not only provides iPhone users with amazing sound and noise cancelling but with a full 3D audio recording system they partnered on with Apogee. These buds actually allow you to record 3D audio while you are filming with your iPhone, we have an example of this in our review so you can hear how amazing this tech is - you must wear headphones to get the effect though. They also sound incredible and allow you to dial in the ambient noise to your liking using the Sennheiser/Apogee iOS app.

The Flare Audio Pro's have created an insanely great sounding pair of buds for under a grand that allow users to use them as either a wireless or wired headphone via swappable modules. The wireless module is also a DAC and provides the best wireless listening we have ever experienced at this price point. The UK's Flare Audio is definitely a company to keep your ears on!

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Libratone Q-Adapt On-Ear is minimalism at it's finest. These headphones are sleek, stylish and super light for people on the move. The Q-Adapt works in conjunction with Libratone's app to help you dial in the perfect amount of noise cancelling for your environment and also syncs with Spotify and their curated list of online radio stations. If you are looking for something with amazing sound, comfort, tech and noise cancelling these will impress your fancy pants right off.  

It's seems that just about every year or so the crew at Blue step up their headphone game in a significant way and 2017 was no exception. The Blue Satellite's are the wireless answer for fans of the Blue's MoFi/Sadie line of headphones and they step up the offering with  a noise cancelling function as well + an onboard amp which puts them in a league of their own as far as we are concerned. If you are looking for incredible sound with a bit more punch than the average bear, the Satellite's might just be your new go to for over-ear wireless listening. 

V-MODA upped the ante quite a bit this year with the second iteration of their popular crossfade wireless model. The CF2 features better sound, foldable frame, and nicer ear pads that make this one of the best headphones on the market for the price point, if not the best. In wired mode these cans are even better with certified Hi-Res audio from the Japanese Audio Society which is stellar when you are using an HD Audio device like the Astell & Kern AkJr. If you put these on, you are probably not going to want to take them off. 

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