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Moderat, Monkeytown Records Release Score For German Arthouse Film A Thought of Ecstacy

Some new Moderat.
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Moderat (image by Flavien Prioreau)

Moderat (image by Flavien Prioreau)

Moderat and their Monkeytown Records have released the score for erotic German arthouse film A Thought of Ecstacy.

The score features some brand new Moderat material, though it will be a bit different from what you are accustomed to hearing from Modeselektor and Apparat.

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Recommended Articles features four songs from Moderat and the rest from Anstam or Gajek. The score builds tension and sets the mood for a film about a man traveling America (mostly the California desert) in search of a lost lover and things get really sexual and weird.

Listen to the score now.

Moderat recently said they were going on indefinite hiatus following their final tour for III. This was likely done before that announcement, but it is always good to see more project from the group.

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