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Music Industry Pros Talk Future, Growth For Vinyl

Has it plateaued? Is there room for growth? Find some answers here.
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Despite what some prognosticators say, the vinyl revolution is still alive and well. How long the format will continue to grow at its current pace is up for debate, but to dismiss it completely as a fad would be foolish.

Discogs gathered together a group of industry pros at labels, radio, sound tech companies, media and elsewhere to talk the future vinyl and what type of growth we will continue to see in the format.

Many echoed a similar theme that vinyl has always been strong in certain communities that live outside of the purview of tracking companies like Nielsen.

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"There are still COUNTLESS labels and self-releases that never come close to the Nielsen barcode scanning radar,” notes Ben Blackwell of Third Man Records. There are some who are incredibly optimistic and others who take a more measured view to growth like Bob Peet of Audio-Technica. “We expect to see a leveling of growth over the next three to five years, but believe it will remain in the double digits,” he notes.

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