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NAMM 2018 Preview

With a day to go, this looks to be the biggest NAMM yet
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NAMM, the musician and producer holy land. The place to be for the latest and greatest in instruments, hardware, and everything you can't currently afford (but one day...). Every year we are constantly blown away by the sheer amount of technology coming out of the brands we know and love, as well as the new kids on the block. We've already seen some exciting announcements in the past few days, and everyday gets better and better. Below are some of the things we are most excited for.


Korg has just announced there latest and greatest synthesizer, the Prologue. Taking the best of the Mini and Monologue predecessors, this behemoth of a synth adds up to 16-voice polyphony and DSP effects. On top of that, it looks incredible. They also announced the Volca Mix, a small portable mixer that makes it easy to connect and monitor your Volca setups. 


Pioneer DJ

While we unfortunately won't be seeing any new synthesizers from the DJ company, they recently announced the DDJ1000 Rekordbox controller, DJM-REC, a way to now record your sets directly into your phone via the app, and easily share them with the push of a button. They also just announced two new Rekordbox add-ons, with both the lyric visualization and lighting controls. It will be interesting to see what DJs can do with these new tools. 

Pioneer DJM Recording App


Frech synthesizer company Arturia last week announced three new pieces of hardware, the Minibrute 2 line. In this new lineup is the Minibrute 2,  the Minibrute 2S, which has an advanced step-sequencer, and the Rackbrute, a Euro-rack case that easily attached to either of other new synths, or another Rackbrute. The newly updated designs show that the company is dedicated to pushing the envelope of analog hardware. 


Live 10's release is just around the corner, and the Beta has received glowing reviews. We've been using it for a while now, and it's definitely worth the wait. Although most of the features have been announced, there's a chance we could see some new updates at the show. 



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The German software company made a huge splash last year, showcasing the ability to connect to modular gear with ease. This even won them DAW of the year. They just released 2.3, so getting a hands on look at the new update will be great. Each new update brings a wave of new and awesome features, and we can't wait to see what's next. 


Plugin-powerhouse UAD is known for their perfectly modeled plugins, as well as DSP-audio interfaces just announced their latest interface, Arrow. Touted as an entry-level ye still extremely powerful desktop interface, it comes packed with the same power as the Apollo, in a new single block of aluminum design. Could this be the first look into the future design of the Apollo line?

Arrow Top

Native Instruments

The German company known for their industry leading DJ software Traktor, has unveiled their next plans for studio domination, in the form of a cloud-based online loop library, featuring access to sounds from the top designers and artists in the game, in the form of a monthly subscription service. Visually, it looks great. And with NI's prowess for quality, it's easy to imagine this becoming the #1 source for loops and samples on the internet. 

Genre Global

Allen & Heath + PlayDifferently

Although there hasn't been much talk from either camp about new releases on mixers this year, there is going to be a live demo of some new Xone product demonstrations featuring Sian and some of his Octopus Recordings team. What said products are, we will find out shortly. 


Last year, the modular area was incredible, and definitely the place to be. There have been mixed rumors as to whether there would be an increased or decreased presence from the community, but we are hoping it's the former. 


The Swedish hardware company has solidified itself as a staple in many if not most live acts setups. With the recently released MK2 products now available, we can't wait to get our hands on them and see how they faired to their predecessors. 

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