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NAMM 2018: Roland Announces Software Plugins Of TR-808 and TR-909

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There have been many imitators over the years, but there is only one Roland. The Roland TR-808 and TR-909 are iconic pieces of equipment for any producer in any genre. Now they are making their way to the digital space with a software plugin being made available by Roland.

This is the first time Roland has offered these two as VST and AU plug-ins. For purists out there worried about the cheapening of the 808 and 909 (sorry it happened years ago with hundreds of imitators), the plug-in will only be available on the Roland Cloud website. Roland Cloud will run you $19.95 per month.

Another new addition to the cloud is the SRX Orchestra, which is a recreation of the Roland JV-1080 module back in the ‘90s. So and get the real thing now and replace your imitation 808s and 909s. 

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