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Today, music production giant Native Instruments has announced their latest project, your new online destination for anything and everything loops and samples. Think Splice meets Beatport Sounds, but in a more cohesive environment. It has a bit of a Spotify look to it, and it even features curated playlists called "collections". So what makes it different from it's competitors you might ask? First, it's backed by Native Instruments, meaning that it's built on a rock solid foundation. Second, while you could use any sound or loop in any setting,'s main focus is to be inclusive to all genres, producers, and situations, including film composing and game design. 

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Another thing to consider, is the possibility of future integration with Native Instruments hardware. We've seen that the latest Maschine and Kontrol series controllers now allow for onboard browsing of all their sample packs, so this could in theory lead to direct integration with How incredible would that be? Not to mention exclusive sample packs being added weekly. For more information, check the video below, as well as

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