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When we think of people who are the voice of underground music Sir Paul McCartney admittedly isn't the first name we think of. However, we find ourselves in a unique situation as he partners up with a new Parliamentary campaign to save UK music event spaces. 

Senior Labour MP John Spellar introduced a new Planning Bill in the House of Commons this week that will push to instill an “Agent of Change" into their law. If the bill passes, according to NME, "developers to take account of the impact of any new scheme on pre-existing businesses – like music venues – before going ahead with their plans." This could essentially help keep music spaces intact and ensure places for underground artists to grow as well as gain attention. 

“Without the grassroots clubs, pubs and music venues my career could have been very different,” McCartney said in a statement. “If we don’t support music at this level, then the future of music in general is in danger.”

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