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Pleasurekraft, a techno and tech house duo comprised of Kalle Ronngardh and Kaveh Soroush, have announced that their debut album, Friends, Lovers, & Other Constellations, will be released on February 23, 2018. 

The techno and tech house duo are known for their deep, innovative, club-ready tracks like "Tarantula" and "Coltrane," which features Chris The Voice. With majorly successful techno releases that pull elements from a multitude of genres and leverage galactic soundscapes, Pleasurekraft's ability to produce an instant hit is inevitable. The forthcoming album will be chock-full of these club-ready danceable tracks.

"To prove that there is more to dance music than just a 4/4 beat, cliche drug references, and party themed vocals, this debut album is wholly visceral on a musical and thematic level," explain the duo in a statement.

In the past seven years, Pleasurekraft have received support from artists like Nicole Moudaber, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, and many more.

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The 11-track Friends, Lovers, & Other Constellations tracklist is below.

  1. ‘Interiors’
  2. ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’
  3. ‘Rigel’
  4. ‘G.O.D’ Part 1
  5. ‘G.O.D’ Part 2
  6. ‘Lagrange Point
  7. ‘Corpse Reviver Number 1’
  8. ‘Maskara’
  9. ‘Bellatrix’
  10. ‘The Razor’s Edge’
  11. ‘Last Transmission’

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