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Premiere: Computer Magic Delivers 80's Synth-Wave Wizardry On 'Ordinary Life'

This is the third single from Computer Magic's forthcoming album.
Computer Magic

Computer Magic

Songwriter and producer Danielle “Danz” Johnson, better known as Computer Magic has unleashed the latest single from her upcoming album DANZ. Titled “Ordinary Life (Message From An A.I. Girlfriend), this is the third single from DANZ, Johnson’s official sophomore album, though she has released nine EPs and four other full-lengths, three of them exclusively in Japan.

If you wanted some ‘80s music today then “Ordinary life (Message From An A.I. Girlfriend)” has you covered. Computer Magic crafts some expert ‘80s synthwave with a brooding sense of longing as Johnson’s distant reverbed vocals tell the story of an A.I. girlfriend in the future becoming self-aware and longing for a greater purpose in life.

“’Ordinary Life’ was an interesting song to write for me. The song is meant to be about an A.I. girlfriend losing interest in what she is programmed to do. She tries her hardest to be perfect, but wants to be like a human girl and see the world,” explains Computer Magic to Magnetic. “I think of it as a love song set in the future, where A.I. girlfriends are the norm, then they start becoming self-aware. I guess it kind of has a terminator-esque or Ex Machina-vibe - except not in a violent way at all. They are just kind of over their sole purpose of being a girlfriend.”

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The 10-track DANZ will be released on February 23, but until "Ordinary Life" will be released this Friday, February 2. Stream it below until then.

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