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Premiere: Steve Darko Gets Weird With "OG"

The Boston house head and weirdo house aficionado drops yet another gem on us.
APXXL072 Steve-Darko---Club-Budget-EP

In a recent conversation with Audiophile XXL head honcho, Robert Pennington, he told me that they were "Going through this weird bass sounding tech house phase." And it was only a few short weeks later that he sent me "OG" by Boston's Steve Darko. A song that exemplifies this new offshoot of tech house that's experimental, strange and oddly compelling on the dancefloor. Steve's sound design finds balance between a walloping bass line and swirling bits of fuzz and metallic funk. It's fun as hell, and it's great to see American house music producers take such wild chances with their music.

Pick up "OG" as part of Audiophile XXL's first release of the year, Steve Darko's Club Budget EP.

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