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I recently had the pleasure of traveling around Europe a bit, with notable visits to London, Amsterdam and Berlin. The nightlife in each city has its own unique culture, and back-to-back visits highlight the contrasts between the different crowds and cities. Freezing temperatures and soggy streets made staying warm on the dance floor all the more appealing. Here are 18 thoughts that crept up during various nights out in three distinct cities.


Some thoughts may be obvious and some observations may not be entirely unique to only one city or club. Can you guess which thoughts belong to which of the three cities?

  1. Dare to man pony (when the world tells you to man bun).
  2. If a camera adds 10 pounds, then disco ball-only lighting easily sheds 10 years.
  3. This guy could be scrolling his Instagram at home, but instead he’s doing so in front of a very talented live artist. If that isn’t living your best life, I don’t know what is.
  4. It’s official: Bartenders are more attractive if they smoke a cigarette while fixing a drink.
  5. I didn't know what “PLUR” truly meant until I saw affordable beer at a rave.
  6. Why do we say, “dance your ass of”, instead of “dance your shoes dry”? I'd gladly trade my ass for a pair of dry socks right now.
  7. Gotta love a venue so industrial you can put out a cigarette anywhere because nothing is flammable.
  8. If people on the dance floor are wearing colors, is the DJ even playing techno?
  9. So, this is where Nina Kraviz haircuts came to die.
  10. Nothing says “minding my own business” quite like picking up a wallet, looking at the ID and throwing it back on the ground because you don’t want to leave dance floor.
  11. If this guy gets to dance with finger guns, can I dance with finger guns? Or is this one of those friends-bridge situations my mother warned me about?
  12. Welcome to the dance floor, where the fog flows like wine. 
  13. Things nobody has ever said: “Wow, I’m surprised these basement dance floor sofas smell like ass.”
  14. Good thing I brought this sleeve of cookies with me, because I’m going to be here for a while.
  15. Can we count “moving across a crowded dance floor” as a major life decision?
  16. Goodbye, Bad Times; hello, Tunitis.
  17. The chicken-and-the-egg of electronic music: bald men and minimal techno.
  18. This venue really makes you wonder: Do you prefer proper sound design or structurally sound design?

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