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When Tony Ozier isn’t busy making profound albums and EPs like his recent AutoTone, he’s busy crafting music with artists around the map—from MonoNeon to Bootsy Collins and his own 10 piece funk band The Doo Doo Funk Allstars, Ozier’s been on the grind ever since falling in love with engineering and beatmaking then graduating from Full Sail University. He’s worked out of the Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit, and now, Portland markets with artists countrywide from local talents to pop’s biggest names as a producer, engineer, and touring musician, continually refining his sound. Ozier is also one of the founders of the Portland Black Music Festival, and regularly works with youth at Beats Lyrics Leaders, the Auburn Hip Hop Congress, and similar organizations to provide youth with musical experiences. Taking some time out of his busy production schedule, Ozier was kind to sit down with MAGNETIC and offer up these five tips making your music tip-top.

Tony Ozier. Photo credit: Adrian Adel

Stay up on current music.

Sound is changing all the time, so even if you’re not making a particular style of music, listen to songs for sound and structure. You will find this useful when you are creating and formatting your compositions so that they flow.

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Prepare your ears before mixing.

A lot of us are mixing our own records now. When you do, always prepare your ears before you start. Mixing is different from making beats and you have to treat it accordingly. When making beats, you want it loud so you can feel it. When mixing, I suggest to do it at a low volume. But first, prepare your ears. Play a record or song in the style of the track you’re mixing. Listen to how everything sits in the mix. Then, listen to your favorite record, any style, but one you know really well. Now, start your mix. Go back and forth between the songs you select and the track you’re mixing, and I guarantee you will see results!

Make some producer friends.

The right way to do it is the way that gets it done! We all get it done differently, so learn from those around you. Share sounds, new tech developments, and different ways to use plugins.

Always make sure your drums are bangin’.

Put some sort of compression/limiter on your drum group. If you haven’t done it, try it. Let me know how it works.

Be a lifelong learner!

I stated earlier that sound is always changing—that’s due to technology changing. There are so many new ways to make music, so many new ways to make sound. It’s endless. Music is constantly changing, so should you.

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