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Greetings Chiller Whales, and a happy, peaceful and lovin new year to you all!

What a year, 2017. 

You did us dirty. You did us proud. You did us wrong and you did it right. You dressed us down and you danced us clean. You lit us on fire. You lit the way. You got us good. You got us going. You made us SAD and you weren't so bad. You made us question and you found us the answers. You took our dignity. You took us to great heights. You made us throw our hands in the air. And you even made us wave them like we just don't care.

One of the most comforting things that accentuated and kept me two stepping through the year was the incendiary tunes, evolutions of some of my favorite producers and recent discoveries of some game changing artists. The veteran doggos and newcomer puppers in my Top 15 Chill Dance Tracks of 2017 roster were such good boys and girls and deserve all the attention and love we can give them. 

All of these artists not only released compelling content, but complimented their sound with killer live shows and really created their own unique sound. This best of list is a blend of so many genres but all the tracks have that grooving, glowing touch to them that can only be described as Chill Dance Music. 

Cheers to you 2017, cheers to these amazing artists, and cheers to keepin it chill and dancey like a groovy penguin. Let's make this year sensational.

"Talking" Elderbrook

One of my favorite finds this year and an artist that I am most excited to see blossom in 2018, Elderbrook is a Swiss army knife musician. He has a voice, a trained ear and multi-instrumental abilities that will make his live productions a blast to experience. Looking forward to seeing him on the road.

"Aba" Lane 8 & Kidnap

Look out world, Lane 8 has arrived. His 2015 album was an opus and his upcoming 2018 album released next week is already shaping up to be just as incredible. This collab with Kidnap (Kid) captures both artists innate ability to transport you to Cloud 9. 

"Lose My Cool" Amber Mark

This is my favorite song of the year. Hands down. Period. End of story. What a breakout year for 23 year old Mark, releasing her debut EP and rising up the ranks in the indie blogosphere. Her production is magnetic to the dancefloor and her raspy R&B croon will hug and hold you tight. Her lyrics are real, full of pain from the loss of her mother, inspired by her joyful upbringing in India, and simmering with feels. I love her and I hope you do too!

"Azimba" Miami Horror

Miami Horror's committed cadence at releasing music is unmatched for artists of a similar vein, and that's what gives them the ability to experiment and have some fun. This marimba dance track is nothing like you've heard from them and hot damn is it a good time to boogie down to. 

"I Watched You Slip (Wild & Free Remix)" Panama

Both Panama and Wild & Free deserve big ups this year. They are on the verge of greatness and their sounds definitely blend together well in this remix. The bass is slapping, the synths are glowing and it tastes like summer time sweetness. Our resident groover Kirk Williams had the pleasure of debuting this Future Classic release back in September.  

"Numb" Hayden James feat. GRAACE

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It is time for a Hayden James album. Can I get an amen?!

"Blurred (Bonobo Remix)" Kiasmos

Bonobo was our Magnetic Mag Artist of the Year, a well deserved accolade for this ever-evolving producer and artist. His live show was one of the best of the year according to friends that saw it.

"Go With It" Oliver feat. Chromeo

In 2017 I died and went to disco heaven when Oliver dropped this track off their new album featuring the funklordz Chromeo. The slapping beats resuscitated my body luckily and had me dancing like little MJ through the streets. 

"EVEREST" Public Service Broadcasting

This brit group combines old BBC radio samplings with their multi-instrumental productions and their latest concept album is a must listen to this year. I would love to see them live. Mega-Tycho vibes. 

"Nobody Knows" Autograf feat. WYNNE

Autograf has of course proven themselves to be one of the new juggernauts in the chill dance space but I wanted to feature this song because of their guest vocalist WYNNE. The crooner was featured on a few big tracks including one on the new ODESZA album and released a single that has left me very impressed. Watch out for WYNNE!

"Standing In The Middle Of A Field" Cut Copy

These legends are just so much fun to get down on the dancefloor to. I had the pleasure of seeing them with a big group of maniac friends in LA during their tour supporting the new album Haiku from Zero and this track especially stood out as a new classic.

"Burns" George Fitzgerald

Oh George, you always impress and we are excited to watch you continue your descent to the deepest deep house depths. 

"Red Sky" Moon Boots

Moon Boots quietly released one of the better albums of the year and the closer track really brought them to a new level. Put the headphones on for this one and turn it up. You're about to go on an adventure.

"Virtue" Kllo

The cousins from Melbourne make some damn sexy music. It was love at first listen and fills in the UK garage gap in between Disclosure's releases.

"Transform (Kells Remix)" Amani

This song is smooth like cream in coffee with a churning house backbone.  Kells is quite the unknown but after browsing his Soundcloud the producer deserves a lot more followers.

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