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Uk Government Introduces New Measure To Protect Music Venues From Developers

The "Agent of Change" principle seems set to become law.


The UK government is taking an important step to protecting its music venues. The government is planning on making the “Agent of Change” principle law, which helps protect music venues from developers.

The “Agent of Change” principle means that developers would have to take into account noise when they build new buildings near already existing venues. They can’t come in and then impose noise restrictions and try and get venues kicked out of the area after building their own condos or office buildings.

“Music venues play a vital role in our communities, bringing people together and contributing to the local economy and supporting the country’s grass roots music culture," said housing secretary Sajid Javid via Music Week.

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“I have always thought it unfair that the burden is on long-standing music venues to solve noise issues when property developers choose to build nearby."

Musicians, music advocates and event promoters alike have hailed the move.

“This is a seismic victory for all those who fought so hard to safeguard the future of music venues across the UK - from grassroots community activists to Britain’s global music stars who have spent years calling for Agent of Change and recently supported the Spellar Bill,” said UK Music CEO Michael Dugher.

Ministry of Sound was one of the clubs threatened by developers in this manner, so hopefully in the future, less music venues close as a result of shitty developers. 

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