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UK Law Banning The Use Of Bots To Bulk-Buy Tickets Moving Forward

This is a good step in curbing the use of bots.

Being a ticket bot in the UK may have gotten a little harder. A new law in the UK moving forward with some serious momentum will make it illegal to use bots to bulk-buy tickets for events and resell them at a markups.

The action will be made illegal under the Digital Economy Act, which means those who use bots and resell bulk tickets will face a fine. This comes after the similarly named Digital Economy Bill was passed in 2017, which helped thwart ticket touting.

This won't end the practice since there is still too much money to be made from the practice, but hopefully it will help to curb some the use of bots in buying tickets.

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The move comes as UK officials have started to crackdown on secondary sellers like Viagogo and Stubhub, raiding their offices and arresting four people for suspected breach of consumer laws.

Now if only other types of annoying spam bots will get the same level of scrutiny (looking at you Twitter). 

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