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Watch Bonobo's Boiler Room New York DJ Set

Get lost in a fresh hour-long set from Bonobo.
1 - Bonobo - Si - Neil Krug - Hi Res

Boiler Room came back to New York over the weekend with a lineup headlined by our 2017 artist of the year, Bonobo. Bonobo was supported by Nickodamus, DJ Sabine and Moroccan band Innov Gnawa, bringing together the various house and African rhythms that played such an important role in his album.

The event took place in a sideroom at the Knockdown Center, a former glass factory, in Queens, New York. Bonobo eventually went on around midnight and over a little more than an hour swept through cuts from his Grammy-nominated album Migration and more. You can catch it all below.

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Bonobo is no stranger to the Boiler Room stage. He has done intimate shows in London with the brand, while also streaming his show at Alexandra Palace on his Northern Borders tour. This is another to add to his collection and yours. 

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