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“It's impossibly hard to choose just five songs,” says Cascadia Herbals co-founder Dave Wolfe. “There are a million I would like to include because trading songs during a smoke session is one of my favorite things to do.” If you’re in Oregon, stop by a local dispensary and pick up some of Cascadia Herbals’ tasty cannabis infused tinctures before pressing play. They’re discreet, easy to use and great for sublingual delivery for a fast acting and fun buzz. And, they’re strain specific.

"Puppet String" by Umphrey's McGee

Can't get enough of the bass line and dynamic shifts in this tune. Great to see one of my favorite bands in the studio setting as well. So well executed! To me, the lyrics suggest everyone laying down their differences and working together, a dream I think most of us have.

"I Fast Early" by Rooftops

Rooftops are from Bellingham Washington, and I feel like I can hear the rain in their music. Their music feels a little mathy and a little poppy at the same time. This song somehow makes me feel happy and somber simultaneously. The composition and playing are complex enough to really occupy my mind during a smoke session. I've spent a lot of time riding my bike around the rainy streets of Portland with this band in the ear buds.

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“The Seventh Son” by Mose Allison

Mose Allison's voice is the epitome of cool to me. I can imagine being in a smokey jazz club, hopefully with the right type of cigarette, enjoying this music that sounds way ahead of its time. My Dad introduced me to this artist. He taught me how to enjoy the finer things in life, including good cannabis. A happy thought indeed!

“Distant Past" by Everything Everything

The production style of this song is enough to transport me from regular life. The message of not being able to shake our primal nature even though we live in modern civilized times is always a mind bender after a good joint or squirt of tincture.

“Western Skies” by Coastlands

Coastlands sought us out after realizing they loved our product in the studio and on tour. Turns out, I love their music. Huge lush sounds and epic soundscapes that let the mind wander...

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