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Weedsday Playlist: Sativa Science Club CEO Mary J. Poppins Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
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Sativa Science Club founder and CEO Mary J. Poppins

Sativa Science Club founder and CEO Mary J. Poppins

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve heard of Portland, Oregon-based Sativa Science Club, an intellectual community that provides annual memberships and certifications for the cannabis industry. Individually, they are cannabis business owners, scientists, and entrepreneurs with a passion for plants and people— like Brad Blommer and Perry N. Salzhauer of Green Light Law Group and Leah Maurer of The Weed Blog, to name a few. Together, they are a powerful resource pool of experts with the unified goal of providing cannabis education that is as entertaining as it is enlightening and accessible.

The woman behind it, Mary J. Poppins, began creating the program after spending a few years on large scale farms across the Emerald Triangle in 2016. Poppins, along with SSC director of education Emma Chasen, are working hard to bring knowledge about cannabis to everyone by offering classes, workshops, and events year round. Because we know how important education is to help further the cannabis legalization movement, we asked Poppins to curate this week’s playlist.

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“Bewitched” by Candlemass

If you are not yet familiar with the Swedish doom metal band Candlemass, you are missing out. Not only is it the most metal-y metal song that ever did metal, the video is perhaps the most entertaining thing I have ever seen. One of my favorite tidbits is that this is where the director Jonas Akerlund (former drummer for Bathory) got his start in film. Which means that somewhere along the way someone watched this video and was like “this kid seems legit, let’s give him executive control over a thing.” Today, he directs videos for people like Lady Gaga and Beyonce, which I find downright inspiring. Jonas Akerlund, I want to smoke a joint with you.

“This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us” by Sparks

Originally, this 1974 track off of the album Kimono My House was going to be titled “Too Hot To Handle” and they may have been correct. In my personal opinion, the Mael brothers of Sparks are epic and way ahead of their time. This video is hilarious though because the crowd could not possibly care any less that they are in the presence of gods. It’s a nice reminder that there will be people out there who just don’t "get" what you do but that does not mean that you should not give them your absolute best. Also, the keyboard player Ron is a stone cold fox. Look at that ridiculous mustache and eyebrow combo! And, his little business suit! He does everything right all of the time. 

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“Frontier Psychiatrist” by The Avalanches

You may have heard “Frontier Psychiatrist” by the Australian electronic music group The Avalanches playing in your local record store, watering hole, or arcade bar. It was a big deal on the UK singles chart in 2000, and for good reason. The song is built around borrowed elements including bits and pieces from the comedy sketch "Frontier Psychiatrist" by Wayne and Shuster. The sampling is super skillfully composed and Dexter Fabay is an absolute master of Turnblast art. This video is my go-to whenever I am stuck in a rut. It’s like a reset button that reminds me not to take everything so damn seriously. If you are feeling lost in a pile of paperwork and deadlines, spark up a joint, find this on Youtube, and let it go for a second. You will not regret it.

“Lay Down in the Tall Grass” by Timber Timbre

I will never forget the first time I heard this song. It was last call on goth night and things were starting to dwindle down. I was paying my way through college as a bartender at the time and we had a guest DJ from out of town spinning spooky vinyl. He said that he had just gotten a new record that he’d been dying to hear but hesitant to play and asked the remaining stragglers for our honest to goodness opinion. When he threw down this track off of their self titled album the whole room melted into a slow silky groove. The best way to describe it is like date night with the boogeyman at a sexy haunted diner. We listened to the whole album before we parted ways and I had their entire collection the very next day. After coordinating a big event, my self care routine almost always includes a fancy tincture cocktail, some candles, a dance party of one, and Timber Timbre.

“If It Be Your Will” by Antony Hegarty

This is a very special song to me because it reaches me at my core every single time. Originally written by my personal hero Leonard Cohen, “If It Be Your Will” was intended as a reminder to slow down and surrender to the powers that be (whatever that may mean to you). The Antony version is so important because it takes that message one step further and drives home that everyone has their own path and purpose in the world, whether or not we understand it all of the time. If you just breathe and allow inspiration to move you through your passion, you master the art of becoming and that is a journey that we have no choice but to take. I guess it makes it less scary to trust yourself with the very difficult decision to do uncertain things. 

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