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What So Not Announces Debut Artist Album 'Not All The Beautiful Things' With Big Name Features

Skrillex, Daniel Johns and Toto will be on the record out in March.
What So Not

What So Not

What So Not has announced the details for his debut album Not All The Beautiful Things. The LP comes packed with big-name features like Daniel Johns, Dyro, Skrillex and of all people, Toto.

The album will be released on March 9 via Counter Records. Three years in the making, What So Not insists that this will be a cohesive listen. “I didn’t want to put anything out that doesn’t cohesively match the essence of the songs,” explains the Australian.

To mark the album announcement, he has released the fourth song from the album, “Stuck In Orbit” with BUOY. The song started out as a jam and through life circumstances, it turned into something more personal.

“This song started as a jam with Jono Ma (Jagwar Ma) in his film scoring studio. The vocals began as a sketch of adlibs from BUOY with only two words, drawn out across the verse ‘I ov-er comp-en-sate.’ That set the tone for the entire piece; each word delivered with much thought and consideration. I wrote the next phase of the lyrics whilst ‘stuck in transit,’” What So Not explains.

The song comes from a place many can relate to and is emotional ride all the way through.

“I had just reached a point of feeling settled in a special place with amazing people around me when (as usual) I had to pack up my life and jump from city to city for months on end. At the beginning of the journey a British Airways' system crash left me stranded for a night sitting alone staring at a hotel wall,” What So Not continues. 

“The circumstances compounded and I channeled the frustration and came up with the lines for and around "Stuck in Orbit". Things came full circle as on this very trip I ended up crossing paths with Jono multiple times, jamming further on ideas for the song and when I finally returned, brainstormed the final elements of the vocal with Winona Oak and BUOY.”

Stream the song and see the album tracklist below. He is also going on tour this year on back of the album. Find those dates on his website. Pre-order All The Beautiful Things now.

1. What So Not & SLUMBERJACK - Warlord

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