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13 Weird & Worst Dance Music Label Names

Sunset Handjob, Spread Your Legs, #420? Some people need to think a little harder about the brand.

There are thousands of record labels around dance music. DJs and producers have started many of them; and enterprising people who just love music and want to help put it out there have started others. Choosing the name is almost as important as the music you put out. It is your branding, the logo, your image. It is the first thing people will see before hearing the music. Too boring and people may walk away. Too strange and people may remember it, but never want to click on that link for fear it is something they never want to see. We decided to dive into the internet and find some of the strangest, worst and antiquated sexual label names around in dance music.

1. Mutha Funkerz Records: It is like they were afraid to curse, but it is still somehow worse than Motherfuckers Records.

2. Spread Your Legs Records: These people probably manspread on the subway.

3. Wet Dreams Recordings: A bold promise for a record label.

4. Lazerslut Recordings: Very specific market here.

5. Sunset Handjob: While this doesn’t sound that bad, but it is an oddly specific time frame for a handjob.

6. Filth Infatuated Digital: No this is not a metal label.

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7. #420: Nice bro. You smoke? Also mention any label that has a hashtag in front of your name.

8. Gone Postal Records: I want nothing to do with a record that does this.

9. Bonerizing Records: This just sounds like a very aggressive use of a boner.

10. EDM Ravers: Do you even EDM?

11. Sex In The House Digital: Glad they are keeping the sex inside this time.

12. &amp: This looks like something that happens when code glitches on Facebook or Twitter. Nobody writes this on purpose.

13. Out of Home! Go To House!: I am so confused with the directions here.

Honorable mention: All labels that chose 69 in their name because they thought it was sweet. 

There will obviously be some we missed, so please let us know. Also keeping to dance music avoids the downright obscene and gross names you can find in metal. 

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