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Ableton 10 Live Has Been Released

At long last, Ableton 10 is available to the public.
Ableton 10 Live

Ableton 10 Live has been officially released. At long last after a big announcement, years of waiting and beta testing, Ableton 10 live is available for anybody to purchase on their website.

It is available in three different categories. Beginners can buy the Intro version for $100, which comes with 16 audio and MIDI tracks, 1500 sounds, 21 audio effects and more. The standard version comes in at 449 with full features plus extras. It has unlimited audio, MIDI tracks and scenes, 256 mono audio input and output channels, 1800 sounds, 34 audio effects and much more. The full suits costs 749 and comes with all of that and more including 5000 sounds, 13 software instruments and 15 MIDI effects.

Get it now and if you have 9, be sure to check your upgrade price. Also read our initial review of the software.

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