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Alice Ivy Combines Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, Electronic On Debut Album 'I'm Dreaming'

It is fun, funky, well-produced and innovative.
Alice Icy & Dog

Alice Ivy & Dog

It is rare I am really blown away by a new piece of music. It comes with the territory of listening to music for most of your waking hours. That is part of the job. Taking a break and stepping away from it can reinvigorate your ear buds, or just finding some damn good music. Melbourne-based artist Alice Ivy has done just that with her debut album I’m Dreaming that has a bit of electronic, hip-hop, jazz, soul, funk and everything in between.

There is a hint of The Avalanches, but less psychedelic and funkier. She digs in the crates for great funk samples, while crafting her own uptempo funky beats, collaborating with a slew of rappers and singers. Ivy will even sing on a few of the more subdued songs throughout the album herself.

The album does well to oscillate between big, festival pleasing tunes with heavy percussion and funk and then slow-burners that rely more on that soul, jazz and soft electronica like “Bella” and the album closer “Kaya High.”

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Then there will be the big and bombastic tracks like “Almost Here,” “Charlie” and “Be Friends,” which tie in everything that is great about this album. It is fun, well-produced and innovative. I am not one for superlatives, but wow.

Stream I'm Dreaming below.

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