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Apple Music Reportedly On Track To Pass Spotify Subscribers In US

Spotify is still a bigger force internationally.
apple spotify

apple spotify

So this one is a bit of a surprise. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple Music is on pace to exceed Spotify’s subscriber base in the United States. In the report, they say Apple Music has 36 million subscribers, which is about half of what Spotify says it has with 70 million, but the numbers are not broken down by region.

Apple Music is reportedly growing at 5 percent per month, while Spotify is just ticking along at 2 percent per month. It should take over Spotify in the US this summer.

Take all of this information with a grain of salt. Neither company officially breakdown their numbers by country. A Swedish company, Spotify has a very large base in Europe. It is available in 61 countries worldwide, while Apple Music is in about 120, though it is unknown publically how many they each have in smaller global markets.

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Also Spotify is continuing to grow at a larger rate internationally, but in the US it is apparently losing the battle, which may worry some investors in advance of the company’s IPO. They would be foolish to do so seeing how intermixed global music culture has become and the next big markets are in Asia and Africa. 

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