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Artist Jake Lamagno Opens "The Right Way to Do Wrong" Solo Gallery Show in New York

The opening is tonight at the Castle Fitzjohns Gallery.
Jake Lamagno The Right Way to Do Wrong

Artist Jake Lamagno will open his “The Right Way to Do Wrong” solo gallery show in New York later today. The show will showcase pieces across various mediums including sculpture, painting, photography and even taxidermy.

He explores two themes with his gallery. The first is death and its aftershocks, attempting to transform a terrifying subject into something beautiful. He also comments on organized religion through the objects found throughout the installation.

Many of the sculptures took hundreds of hours to create.

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The opening will be tonight at the Castle Fitzjohns Gallery at 98 Orchard Street in New York City. It will be from 6-10 p.m. In conjunction with the show will be the release of his book 100 Roids, consisting of polaroids he shot over the course of a year during which he lost his best friend, the skateboarding icon Dylan Rieder. Get more info here.

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