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Bandcamp Releases 2017 Year-End Stats: Sales Up, Notably For Independent Musicians

Sales are up for independent musicians.


Yes we are a month-and-a-half into 2018, but Bandcamp has decided to release its 2017 year-end stats. Sales were up across the board, notably for independent musicians.

Digital album sales were up 16%, tracks up 33% and merch sales rose 36%, which is a key component to many artists revenue stream. If you can connect merch sales with your music sales, that could be big for your bottom line.

Physical sales also grew on Bandcamp, notably in vinyl, which was up 54%, and cassettes went up 41% and CDs rose 18%.

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Revenue from independent labels grew 73%, which is important given how much of the revenue from streaming and other digital platforms go to major labels. All-time payments to artists through Bandcamp are now at $270 million and the company will mark its sixth straight year of profitability. 

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