Last year, Gibson made an announcement that it will no longer be developing Cakewalk, Inc. products. Gibson has omnipresent details of debt issues, so axing the of development of Cakewalk products was probably not a cakewalk. 

Thankfully, BandLab has stepped into the game to pick up Gibson's Cakewalk products. "We have been monetizing assets like stock holdings, real property and business segments," states Henry Juszkiewicz, Gibson Brands CEO. 

Cakewalk, Inc. is best known for its suite of professional level digital audio workstation, SONAR. The company is also recognized for its myriad of digital instruments such as Dimension Pro, Rapture Pro, Z3TA+ 2, Session Drummer, and SFZ+ among others. 

With BandLab's recent acquisition of platforms such as Chew, a performance live-streaming platform, the direction of how the investment group will integrate Cakewalk's products is unsure and very interesting.  

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"We are very excited to be bringing Cakewalk Inc's products into the BandLab Technologies stable. Cakewalk has been an industry leader in professional music software, delivering cutting edge technology that has empowered producers and artists alike around the world for more than 30 years. We have immense respect for Cakewalk's legacy and the incredible community of people who love the brand and rely on its products in both their personal and professional lives." -Meng Ru Kuok, BandLab Technologies CEO 

To stay updated about BandLab and the future of Cakewalk, visit the website here

H/T: MusicRadar

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