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The new year is here and along with it for many, it is a chance for a fresh start, new resolutions to break and another chance a living life to the fullest. For some DJ/Producers, it is one more chance at a breakthrough year in their careers and for others a new time to solidify their great work. That being said, some artists have already kicked the year off with their best foot forward and have made it on their first chart of the year! Let's inaugurate this year's first edition with some fresh and amazing original productions and outstanding remixes! 

1. ‘The Sun’ - Chus & Ceballos, Dennis Cruz [Stereo Productions] 

2016's Top Spanish Artist of the year and 2017's most charted producer, Dennis Cruz, kicks off the year with a stunning Balearic vibe tune! This time collaborating with Chus & Ceballos and the Stereo Productions family. 'The Sun' has organic elements and all that flawless live percussion that is synonymous with the Iberican sound! 

2. ‘Presence in the air’ - Doc Martin, Joeski [lapsus music]

East coasts meets West coast as these two veteran producers join forces to deliver a mighty tune. LA's Doc Martin and NYC's Joeski drop this powerful track with its infectious and bouncy beat that dares any crowd not to shake their rumps! 

3. ‘What A Bam’ - Guille Placencia, George Privatti [La Pera Records]

This past year, Sister Nancy's infamous lyrics from, 'Bam Bam' have been remixed galore. 2018 is no different as La Pera Record's owners Guille Placencia and George Privatti, give the delightful sample a new beautiful twist! 

4.‘The Groovy Cat’ - PAWSA [Pawz]

Cue in Inspector Clouseau as he continues his search for the missing Pink Panther diamond with PAWSA's master remix of the theme in their track, 'The Groovy Cat'. The most known cartoon theme song in the world gets its own chance to groove on the world's dancefloors!

5. ‘Make My Day’ - Hazzaro [Erase Records]

We love oldies and we love it more when they get dropped with modern day twists. Hazzaro takes the beloved vocals from the famous house classic, "Pump Up the Jam" and revamped it into a serious tech-house track with a bursting bassline and amped with high energy! This track will seriously, 'Make My Day!' 

6. ‘Insomnia’ - Andrew Meller [Glasgow Underground]

One of my all-time favorite tracks just got a tech-house makeover and I could not be more happy to have it listed in 2018's first chart! Few words can describe this moment, Andrew Meller - GREAT JOB! 

7. ‘Phasemod’ - Javi Villa, Al-Fernandez [Nopreset Records]

Nopresent Record's brings in Barcelona-based duo, Javi Villa, and Al-Fernandez to bestow upon us this smashing tune! 'Phasemod' is dripping with dark and trippy basslines designed for a fantastic dancefloor experience. 

8. ‘Classy’ - Tolstoi, Andsan [Flashmob Records]

Flashmob Records delivers this strong and groovy tech-house morsel, designed by German producers, Tolstoi and Andsan. A great vocal sample meets a punchy bassline, which leads the track to an entrance the audience in unstoppable movement! 

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9. ‘1988’ - Versus [Under No Illusion]

Manchester based DJ/Producers, David Skeet and Luke Tregaskiss found the perfect vocal sample. The cut samples from tracks 'Acid House', '1988' and 'Free Falling' are driven by a hypnotic bassline that gives the track all the accreditation for this month's edition of the chart. 

10. ‘Alaris’ - Gorge [Still Hot]

Gorge's unique production has a mesmerizing arpeggiator, impeccable flow, and a deep bassline. You can't help but lose yourself in this one.

11. ‘Studio Stage’ - Roberto Palmero [Relief]

Roberto Palermo debuts on Relief Records with this monstrous track! An energetic tune with pure house sounds, and a go-to track to get the party going.

12. 'Brrrr’ - Joeski [Material]

Busy man that Joeski, as he lands another dancefloor killer. This track has been circulating successfully over the past few months and now it has become officially available for purchase via major record retailers. 

13. ‘Say’ - Audioleptika & Housekeepers [Subinstinct Records]

Subinstinct Records was founded in 2011 as a digital label for dance music, which is based in the club and subculture of the electronic movement. Their hard work is paid off with the release of 'Say' from Audioleptika and Housekeepers!

14. ‘Something Said' (Super Flu remix) - Ryan Murgatroyd [Get Physical Music]

Super Flu adds their afro-bounce beat to this beautiful track by Ryan Murgatroyd. Resulting in a perfect Tech-House track that is ready to shake up any dancefloor. 

15. 'Jack Endlessly’ - Sidney Charles [Truesoul]

The opening track of his latest Endless Jack EP, 'Jack Endlessly' builds layer upon layer of groove-ridden beats and ravey stabs that lead into an exaggerated build up! 

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