With their new SS18 campaign inspired by the bravado they show the world through social media, the veneration of social status--fake or real--is Conflict of Ego theme for this summer season.

Conflict of Ego

Previously described as a part-fashion label, part-installation, this UK fashion brand is the visual narrative of the 21-century woman who wants to be "seen and remembered." “We try to create designs which provoke conversation in a fun way, but make a strong statement which challenges the barriers of how different eras of fashion and culture can coexist.” - says Alanna.

Conflict of Ego

With prints inspired by the old aristocracy and stained glass windows, the label looked into religion and churches with a spiritual view that it’s good to have a belief in something, in order to attract good energy. The women wearing this collection, like the women of Instagram, adore the world's adoration and know no limits.

Conflict of Ego

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Too much is never enough. A colour palette of gold, azure blue, Bordeaux, black, with shots of purple empowers. Fabrics like silk crepe satin and cotton jersey transgress high/low boundaries. Signature high-waist trousers, wide-leg pants, ornate silk gowns, and interlocking silk shirts, covered buckles, and checkered prints are used to emulate winning. The Virgin Mary featured in the collection, symbolizes love and purity, showing that although this life is full of bravado, it’s still an innocent life. Not in Vain.

Conflict of Ego

At its core, Conflict of Ego is a philosophy with a brand – not the other way around. Every collection aims to explore a socio-political topic dear to the designers’ hearts. Using design and aesthetic to telegraph evocative messages, the brand looks to literally ‘embody’ the cultural changes at work in our society through design, cut, and textile. Their aim is to promote a message of acceptance and growth within our multi-racial world.


You can purchase your favorite clothing here - conflictofego.com

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