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Discogs 2017 Year-End Report: 20% More Releases Sold From 2016

Discogs has another good year.
Discogs 2017 Year-End Report

Discogs 2017 Year-End Report

Most companies released their year end report at the end of 2017, but back to back Bandcamp and Discogs have taken the time to put out their year-end recaps and released them this week. Discogs has shared its year end report and business is booming. Among the main points, the total number of releases sold on the platform has increased by 20% from 2016 from 8.3 million to 10 million.

Not surprisingly, vinyl is still the format that sells the most, increasing by 19% from 6,691,144 to 7,949,932. CD and cassette actually rose higher though in percentages, rising 28 and 29 percent respectively, though the per unit numbers were lower than vinyl.

Rock and electronic still remain the dominant genres on the platform, though some other genres like classical, Latin and folk/world/country all grew atover 20%.

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Some very expensive vinyl was sold last year, the most expensive coming from The Beatles “Love Me Do,” which sold for $14,757.

The most collected release was once again Pick Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon, followed by The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here.

Read the full report here

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