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Doing Cannabis Business At Seattle's CannaCon

Our cannabis correspondent checks out their inaugural conference in Seattle.

Cannacon entrance

CannaCon, a conference that bills itself as “where the cannabis industry does business” held its inaugural conference in Seattle on February 15-17, 2018. Check out these highlights and insights of this B2B conference geared for those working in the industry, including growers, processors, retailers, and ancillary businesses. 


The conference had a sleek business feel. Unlike some other cannabis conferences I’ve attended where the aisles are filled with medical patients and their service dogs, I could count on one hand the number of service dogs I spotted at this event. And most of these dogs seemed to belong to various vendors.

CannaCon Dog

This guy was especially cute!

CannaCon Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull

Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull

Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull co-founders, creators, and producers of the hit Amazon Prime series The Marijuana Show offered a seminar featuring their 7 point guide for how budding entrepreneurs can pitch their products or program to investors. At their booth, they offered pointers, as well as information regarding how people can audition for their upcoming season. 

CannaCon Washington State Governor Jay Inslee

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee (D)

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee (D) delivered a short keynote addresses. In his talk, he discussed the emergency of a cannabis industry that’s tightly regulated, neighbor friendly, and criminal free. Also, he stated that Washington State will follow will of the voters and will not allow Attorney General Sessions to stop this legal market. He made no mention of the demise of the state’s medical market or expungement of those convicted for cannabis related crimes. 

CannaCon Vincente Fox

Vincente Fox

Former President of Mexico, Vincente Fox, opened his keynote speech with a video inviting all present to attend CannaMexico World Summit 2018. His words emboldened the crowd with his positive vision of a new world being born through the legalization of cannabis. In his estimation, the prohibition and walls that we imposed have failed throughout history. We must keep pushing and revisiting. 

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CannaCon Kush Tourism

Kush Tourism

The team from Kush Tourism chatted up their newest venture Kush Marketplace. This exclusive network of licensed and regulated cannabis producers, processors and retailers functions like the Craigslist of cannabis. 

CannaCon Kush Tourism Brochures

Kush Tourism Brochures

Among Kush Tourism’s offerings is the Washington Cannabis Tourism map which I found in the Visit Seattle welcome center located in the Washington State Convention Center where this conference was held. 

CannaCon Clean Green Certified

Clean Green Certified

Clean Green Certified, the number one certified nationwide for cannabis, explained how they test cannabis cultivated using sustainable, natural, and organically based practices. They also verify that these companies engage in sustainable labor practices. 



These videos of sexy smokers reminded me that as cannabis continues to expand that some will push the “sex sells” button to attract the male market. 

CannaCon Twenty22Many


The juxtaposition of Yelp next to Twenty22Many along with the SeattleHEMPFEST booth serves as reminder that as this industry explodes, we cannot forget those whose lives are enhanced by this plant. 


Then I exited the Washington State Convention Center, I was greeted to a show by a Darth Vader clad retired drug enforcement officer. His street performance tried to entertain and inform those who would listen their quest to eradicate the drug cartels from Washington State. 

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