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Exclusive: Denney & Waze & Odyssey's US City Guides For New York, Miami, San Diego, LA

The three DJs will be touring across the US this month.
waze & odyssey denney

Waze & Odyssey and Denney are prepping to tour clubs across the US in for 10 days this month. Denney will perform at seven clubs in music hotspots around the U.S. with Waze & Odyssey joining for four of the shows. To celebrate the upcoming run of shows, we got the trio of house DJs to give us some of their favorite spots in each of the cities they will be playing together -- New York City, Miami, San Diego and Los Angeles. 

There is a big of everything in this list from Delis in New York, to beaches and art in Miami, restaurants, the San Diego Zoo and much more. Find the tour dates below and keep on reading for some great recommendations and reasons why for each city. You don't get this type of advice from big DJs anywhere. 

Feb 08 - Rumor, Phi

Feb 09 - Heart, Mia ** (W/ Waze & Odyssey & Second City)

Feb 10 - Studio 299, Brooklyn ** (W/ Waze & Odyssey & Second City)

Feb 14 - Bar Smith, Phoenix

Feb 15 - Q Club, Seattle

Feb 16 - Spin, San Diego ** (W/ Waze & Odyssey & Second City)

Feb 17 - Union Nightclub, La ** (W/ Waze & Odyssey & Second City) 

Waze & Odyssey:


1. The Thing

This is an amazing record shop in Brooklyn where everything is two dollars a record. It's a real Aladdin’s cave and while there's no doubt most of the really top shelf stuff will likely get scooped up by the staff, you can still find some pretty amazing gems in there. Last time we hit it we ended up with some rare bits of Armand Van Helden, Louie Vega and Eddie Kendricks.

2. Frankels Deli

Not too far down the road from The Thing is this spot, started by the guys from NYC DJ duo Holy Ghost. This is the one stop shop for your Reuben sandwiches and salt beef fayre. Modelled on the old Manhattan Jewish deli's - it's a really great neighbourhood place to eat.

Think Katz Deli but less touristy and much less excessive in portion size. Definitely a good place to get a good feed before you go digging at The Thing.

3. Lot Radio

All our choices come from Brooklyn and are literally in spitting distance from each other but we're huge fans of Lot Radio; every time we go to NYC we pop in to do a show for Francois and Lloyd. They've started this great radio station, literally on a lot, and as well as serving coffee you can now buy alcoholic beverages. They've been working a lot with the church opposite and you get the fathers come down and hang out during the shows. A really great example of building an amazing community project. We're back on their airwaves in February and taking over for 4 hours and we're very pleased to say we have Kenny Dope and Eli Escobar joining us for a mix and a chat.


1. Wynwood

It can take a while to scratch beneath the surface of any city, and we were pleased to find the deeper, more underground parts of Miami on one of our first trips. A promoter took us to see their friends in the arts district and we were blown away. Having thought Miami was all South Beach and flossy - we were really pleased to see this other side. Artists living in warehouses (much like Shoreditch of old many years ago) with some great parties kicking off. Definitely worth a wonder round the newer parts (Wynwood) and not taking South Beach as the be all end all.

2. South Beach

South Beach itself. It's actually a great beach and is super clean. Remember being a kid and going to WMC in 2003 and bumping into Timo Maas on that same beach - was a huge fan at that time so it was a real thing!

3. Joe's Stone Crab Shack

Legendary place doing exactly what it says on the tin. 100 years old and always packed out in Miami Music Week. This tip came from the Dusky boys, who like to chow down at this place when they're in town.

San Diego

1. San Diego Zoo

The jury is out on whether Zoo's are humane or welcome in the modern age, but while we're not going to get into that and purely from an educational point of view, this place is amazing. Great to go and learn about nature and also learn how to respect these creatures we share this planet with.

2. Ironside Fish & Oyster

As well as doing a mean lobster roll you can get amazing fish & oysters (it's all in the name sometimes, isn't it) at this place. Really cool setting too.

3. USS Midway Museum

Pretty damn touristy but whenever are you going to get to go on an aircraft carrier? The size of the thing! It's nuts.


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1. Guisados Tacos

Every time we go to LA we try and make it here, it's basically everything we want in an eatery. Laidback, no frills but the best food possible.

You can even take your own beers along with you and kick back. Super relaxed affair and if you're a first timer in the city, it will give you an insight into the real LA beyond the Hollywood shroud.

2. Laurel Canyon

Although we're not listing a particular place as such, we're huge fans of Laurel Canyon in general. Well worth a walk around up those steep hills. We usually stay with friends when we're in town and often cat sit for them (shout out to Nancy and Rathbone) - but such a great place to get away from the city and the chaos of rush hour LA traffic and kick back. You feel a world away from it all and if you slip some Fleetwood Mac or The Doors on you can close your eyes and feel like you're back in the 70's heyday.

3. Griffiths Observatory

When the jet lag has kicked in and we're waking up at 4am, we find this is a good way to clear out the cobwebs and get the mind and body going. Drive up to Griffith observatory then go on one of the many walks around the hills in that area. It's amazing to watch LA come into life, you get a real perspective of the sheer size of it. Definitely a therapeutic way to start the day. Definitely worth taking a bottle of water with you!



Garcia's Seafood Grille & Fish Market.

This is my go to restaurant whenever I am in Miami, I was put onto it by Travis Rogers from Heart Nightclub (where I held my residency). It doesn't look like a lot from the outside but once you go upstairs you are next to the river and get the freshest and nicest seafood in Miami.

Wynwood District

Wynwood used to be a really run-down ghetto but has now been subject of serious gentrification and has made it in my opinion the coolest area in Miami.

There is some amazing street art on both buildings and in the Wynwood Walls park area as well as restaurants, bars and shops too. A must see!

Heart Nightclub

I have played for Heart since the first month they opened their doors and for the past year have held a residency with them. The club is built on love and it has been incredible to see it evolve into one of the best clubs on the planet. I love the fact DJs are encouraged to play longer sets and with the glass ceiling it makes you feel like you are playing outside when you are in fact inside, it is pretty special to play as the sun comes up. It is easily one of my favourite clubs to play in the world.


Sushi Samba

I had been to the Sushi Samba in London a few times but was introduced to the Manhattan one by Roger Sanchez a couple of years ago. The food is incredible and it is in the middle of Greenwich Village, the vibe of the place is more chilled than the London one. If you are in the area you definitely need to check it out!


This is a hidden gem I stumbled into a few years ago in Little Italy and has some of the best Italian food I have eaten anywhere. It is rustic and traditional and you feel a bit like you are in Goodfellas when you eat in there but it really is somewhere worth checking out and great to take the Mrs for a date night.

Central Park

An obvious one but still somewhere I absolutely buzz off going to when I am in NYC. The best way to experience it I have found is in summer to hire a bike and go exploring. There are so many cool nooks and crannies in there I'm still finding new things every time I go in there. In winter there it is pretty special too, especially with the ice skating etc.

San Diego:

Water Grill

This restaurant does incredible Oysters as well as amazing food, i went there last year for dinner and was seriously impressed. There is a really cool bar area too so even if you want to have a drink there it is worth checking out!

San Diego Zoo

I’m not a massive fan of Zoo's as a rule but this is the best one I have ever been to and seem to have amazing breeding programs etc. It is absolutely massive and is a good day out if you have the time, for obvious reasons is pretty tourist heavy but still impressive nonetheless.

Balboa Park

This is a beautiful park with some incredible buildings as well as many museums and attractions. When it is a sunny day (which it usually is in San Diego) it is a great place to go and hang out as well as plenty of places to explore!


Griffith Observatory

This has one of the best if not the best view of Los Angeles, it is in the hills next to the Hollywood sign and if you go there at night it is pretty spectacular. Just be sure not to park anywhere on the side of the road like we did as they will give you a ticket.

Barney's Beanery

This is an infamous bar in West Hollywood and somewhere I always go when I'm in town with my mate Attilio to have dinner, a couple of beers and shoot pool. It is a cool place to hang out and extremely laid back, definitely worth checking out.


This is a truly amazing fish restaurant and somewhere myself and my fianceé stumbled upon last year. It’s in Beverley Hills so there are a lot of restaurants in that area but this is pretty special and surprisingly not too expensive.

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