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If you're a techno lover, and have a Facebook, chances are you've seen a video of a woman with curly hair bouncing around in a music studio, making great music using a combination of controllers, toys, and synthesizers. Her videos have garnered over a million views. Giorgia Angiuli's video "Es Vedrá Ibizia" alone gained over a million plays in 22 hours, and showcases her doing her thing on a cliff overlooking the ocean in Ibiza. 

In her latest video, titled "Pink Techno Frog," Giorgia's use of strange tools continues with literally using a pink stuffed frog that has been converted into a synth or controller, and even makes use of a lightsaber. And while the description says "Let's make some pink techno," the bass line says otherwise. We were fortunate enough to chat with the producer about her upbringing and workflow, as well as get an exclusive download of the track. To make things even better, Giorgia is planning her first North America tour, making stops in New York, Detroit, Montreal, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and more. Check it out below.

1) First off, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. To get things going, let’s start from the beginning. For those who don’t know much about you, where are you from, and how did that shape you into the person you are both in and out of the studio?

Hello and thank you for this interview. I come originally from Monopoli, a small and beautiful town in the south of Italy and now I live in Florence. I grew up in a family of musicians, this probably influenced my decision of studying classical guitar, and after that, I played in a band playing new metal and indie rock. I am first of all an eternal dreamer and I could not imagine my life without music. I am a collector of vintage toys and I love to use them in my performances, I love colors in general (in many different fields: fashion, design, and food !)… I still don’t know how to describe my music. I try to combine my life experiences with my love for music: Something between electro-pop, indie, techno and deep house is what comes out.

2) If you were to describe your overall sound as a color, what color and why? 

I believe there is a strong connection between colors and music and I am very fascinated by the concept of synesthesia, as fusion of different arts (let's think about the works made by Kandinskij, Schönberg, Wagner, and Skrjabin). In this period I would describe my sound with the color of pink azalea but my style often changes, so I imagine my music as a rainbow with different shades.

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Giorgia Angiuli

3) A lot of your success has come from the videos of you creating your music using a unique set of tools. What was your initial reaction to the response of the first one? How long have you been making music in this way?

I've collected toys for many years and I love objects with a unique design. To be honest I was very surprised to see the reaction of the people because I did these videos without any strategy …I simply was in my room, creating some music for fun ;) So I feel really grateful to all the people that supported me and shared my videos!

4) When making music, what is your actual process? Do you gather your sounds and get everything mixed down the way you want it to, and then record? Or do you literally just make everything up as you go and then do a mix down later?

I don’t follow a specific method, every track is born in a different way :) Sometimes I start with a melody or a bass line, a groove or a vocal …I usually record my ideas and I finish the arrangement afterward

5) What goes through your mind when looking for new tools and instruments to use? Do you make your own (ie the pink doll)? What does the future hold for your studio, and your future releases?

I spend a lot of time doing research on new equipment, I love beautiful design and I think that beautiful objects create beautiful sounds. I hope one day I'll be able to start producing my own collection of toy musical instruments (I have so many dreams but It’s not so simple to realize them!). Now I am working on my album and in April I will release a new EP on Stil Vor Talent.

I'm also working on my line of clothes and accessories and I'm building my new studio at home. For this project, I'm studying the relation between the sound and the colors of the walls. A lot is going on at the moment! :)

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