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Exclusive Photo Gallery: All Day I Dream's Roy Rosenfeld 10 Favorite Spots In Tel Aviv

A falafel on the beach sounds sooooo good right now.
Roy Rosenfeld

Roy Rosenfeld

Israeli DJ Roy Rosenfeld has seen his music released on high-end underground labels like Systematic and Kompact over the past few years. Bringing a sunny disposition from his hometown of Tel-Aviv, his music has caught on with the elite in house and techno, bringing him to festivals and clubs around the world. In honor of a new EP on ADID titled When We Were Innocent, we asked Rosenfeld to share a photo diary of his favorite things and places around Tel Aviv. All photos and descriptions by Roy Rosenfeld.

Stream his EP and pick up a copy here.

The shortest way to find happiness is by eating a plate of Hummus for lunch.

Roy Rosenfeld Hummus


Walking down Rothschild blvd. One of the most attractive areas in Tel Aviv. There you can find pretty much everything!

Roy Rosenfeld Rothschild blvd

Rothschild blvd

Tel Aviv has at least 5 big DJs/producers equipment shops. It's not so easy to choose a favorite out of all of them -- they're all great.

Roy Rosenfeld Guitars


Roy Rosenfeld Synths


Roy Rosenfeld Speakers


Dizengoff st. sign - one of the main streets in Tel Aviv. Decent casual nightlife scene, surrounded by many bars, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, boutique stores shopping centers and more.

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Roy Rosenfeld Dizengoff St.


I know, it's priceless. Many beautiful beaches in Tel Aviv. In fact, this one has been taken at Gazebo Beach, 10 minutes drive north to Tel Aviv. Definitely one of my favorite beaches.

Roy Rosenfeld Gazebo Beach

Sign me up for a beach right now

That's absolutely my favorite place to get my coffee break. Right in the middle of the busy Ibn Gabirol st. It's never boring there :)

Roy Rosenfeld Ibn Gabrirol St.


This is where I was throwing my 'When We Were Innocent' party. Ironic, no? Slippers has became very quickly one of the hottest rooms at the underground nightlife scene. Cosy, friendly but also a little kinky, it has good soundsystem and boiler-room feel (The DJ booth is surrounded by people).

Roy Rosenfeld Slippers Club

Slippers with that guy

You haven't been to Tel Aviv if you haven't tried Falafel in pita bread.



Heichal Ha'tarbut (Cultural Center)- biggest concert hall for live/acoustic shows and more.   

Roy Rosenfeld Heichal Ha'Tarbut

Heichal Ha'tarbut (Cultural Center)

Tel Aviv Port. Such a beautiful area. Lots of good restaurants, clubs and shopping centers around.

Roy Rosenfeld Tel Aviv Port

Tel Aviv Port

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