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Finding Refreshment with Cannabis Beverage Level+

An excellent alternative to smoking weed!
Level +

Level +

Level+’s drinks offers an alternative to smoking, using something people were already incorporating into their daily routine—water. At only 5mg per bottle, these products give me a light refreshing uplift during the day. These 16 ounce plastic bottles with a resealable, child proof screw top have a sleek design well suited for those days when I like to drink on the go while being discrete regarding my cannabis use.

Consumers can choose from lemon and ginger (CBD), grapefruit (THC) or watermelon (THC). Their drinks are made with whole plant extracts and medicated with isolate so there is no cannabis aftertaste. Those accustomed to the sugary sweet taste of chemically laden energy and vitamin drinks may find these products a bit on the tart side, but I welcomed their refreshing non-sugary vibe.

Also, they have a cold brew made with Coava coffee that comes in a CBD or THC version. The 5mg of cannabis present in this cold brew gave me a bit of a buzz similar to drinking an energy infused coffee drink sans the added chemicals present in energy drinks.

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They plan on offering a 30mg 1:1 version available in Oregon dispensaries shortly. 

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