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Pour One Out: Glasgow's The Arches Being Turned Into Coffee Shop

One of the great UK venues closed in 2015 and is now a coffee shop.

Oh this one hurts. One the UK’s best clubs, The Arches was forced to close in 2015 and the building has remained dormant ever since. Now a coffee shop is being opened in its famed arched location.

The spot on Argyle Street will become a joint café, bakery and coffee roaster by Thomson’s Coffee Roasters moving in. The one solace that fans take from the whole affair is that this is a local company and not a Subway or Pizza Hut taking over the space. Thomson’s celebrate their 175th anniversary with the opening of the coffee shop in The Arches old location.

“As Thomson's embarks on its 176th year, opening our first open plan coffee roastery, café, bakery and training centre in Glasgow is a great milestone for the business,” said Russell Jenkins, managing director of Thomson’s Coffee Roasters to Glasgow Live.

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The coffee shop will be part of a larger street market called Platform running every Friday and Saturday, from February 16.

The Arches opened in 1991 and hosted some of the best in dance music like Derrick Carter, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills, Rustie and many more. It lost its 3am license in May 2015 after a series of alleged drug and alcohol violations. It would have had to close at midnight and that essentially killed the club. 

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