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After fans eagerly awaited its release, Cura, Keys N Krates' sensational first studio album, has finally hit the shelves. 

The album dives into universally diverse sonic tonality and immediately captures the listener's attention from the first measure of "Início." Their eclectic knowledge of audio manipulation has graciously paid off in this hit-packed and diverse album. Through exquisite vocal manipulation, samples, and bass, Keys N Krates have crafted what may be the most assorted bass album of 2018 so far.

This 9-track album is chock-full of surprises throughout the entire length. On top of Keys N Krates' impeccable sound, you'll hear the talents of Tory Lanez, Ambré Perkins, and Ouici on a few of the tracks. 

"I think [Cura] was about pivoting our music into a direction that we were all personally psyched about. Doing it in the form of an album or collection of music really felt right 'cuase it allowed us to put all the different records in a broader context of our overall vibe which can be soundtrack-y, soulful, sample-based (or sounding), and dramatic. It really feels like a bit of a mission statement but also a new launch point for us." -Jr. Flo

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Keys N Krates is a Canadian trio that consists of Adam Tune, David Matisse, and Jr. Flo that formed in 2008. They originally set out to produce hip-hop but have since transitioned into mind-altering bass music that continues to defy the standards and expectations of modern electronic music.  


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