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Larry Heard Releasing First Album As Mr. Fingers In 25 Years

Cerebral Hemispheres will be released on April 13. The first single "Electron" is available to stream now.
Larry Heard

Larry Heard

Chicago house music icon Larry Heard will release a new album under his Mr. Fingers moniker titled Cerebral Hemispheres. This is the first album from Heard as Mr. Fingers in 25 years, so house heads new and new should be lining up to take a listen when this drops.

With a career spanning 35 years as a remixer, producer and DJ, Heard has been at the center of Chicago house and some of the most influential dance records in its early years. Cerebral Hemispheres, according to a press release, “comes from the same place it always did more than three decades back in Chicago,” so fans should not worry about a drastic change in his music.

The LP will be released on April 13 via his own Alleviated Records. Fans can pre-order the record now here. He has also revealed the first single from Cerebral Hemispheres, “Electron,” which is a slow burn of synths and percussion. Also find the complete album tracklist below. Be ready for 18 tracks from Mr. Fingers. He is making the 25-year wait worth it.

Mr. Fingers - 'Cerebral Hemispheres'

1. Full Moon

2. City Streets

3. Urbane Sunset

4. Sands of Aruba

5. Tiger Lounge

6. A Day In Portugal

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7. Sao Paulo

8. Crying Over You

9. Cerebral Hemispheres

10. Electron

11. Outer Acid

12. Inner Acid

13. Spy

14. Stratusfly

15. Nodyahed

16. Quazars

17. Aether

18. Praise To The Vibes

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