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Lights/Out Premiere: Opuswerk - Extensum [Bipolar Disorder]

The Swiss maestro's latest work will have you questioning objective reality

Today, we are excited to share the next Lights/Out premiere, from Switzerland based techno artist, Opuswerk. Out on Swiss label Bipolar Disorder, the 4-track EP, titled 'Forms Of Multiplicity', features two original tracks and two remixes from techno powerhouses Inland and Antigone. Track number one, Extensum, is a forward thinking and off-beat techno burner, that instantly sends you into another dimension. When asked about the thought process behind the track, Opuswerk had this to say:

"Mainly, the inspiration for it came from a set of Refracted, which he had posted one evening. It was made on a much slower BPM, which created those subtle and more intense grooves. Hearing this made me inspired, and i fired the machines and it kind of happened, mostly thanks to playing around with chords on my D50."

Upon pressing play, you are greeted with a psychedelic whooshing noise that sets the tone for the track and indicates that you are about to embark on a journey inwards. As the percussion arrives, there's a slow ethereal pad that builds underneath and helps create the dense and evolving atmosphere in which your surroundings disappear. Check the track below, and make sure to get your vinyl only copy. 

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'Forms Of Multiplicity' by Opuswerk is out 2/24 via Bipolar Disorder. 

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