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Return To The Dark: The Lights/Out Selection 38

Our first show of the year in the new format. Can you keep up?

Every month, I dig deep through my record collection to bring you the freshest cuts from across the globe, with sounds ranging from ambient, to pop, to hard techno, in order to create for you a mix like nothing else around. All genres of music are welcome, and there are no rules. If the music is good, it gets played. Lights out heads down, this is the sound of the world's underground.


HAPPY NEW YEAR. Well...sort of? Seeing as it's actually two months into 2018, that's actually a completely false statement. But whatever. This is the first show of the year, and boy is it a big one. I mentioned last episode that there were going to be big changes coming to the show, the most prominent being the new format. Instead of an hour bi-weekly, the show will be once a month and 90 minutes long. Musically, it will remain fairly similar, but we will be exploring other genres as well. Genres that may have zero to do with electronic music (think jazz, indie, whatever). This show has, and always will be about pushing the best music around, regardless of genre, and we are going to really emphasize that this year. New guests will be coming on to the show, and there are loads more surprises I haven't thought of yet. Either way, welcome back to the the black. 

1) Daniel Avery - Radius (Original Mix)

2) Sally Dige - Be Gone

3) Soul Murderer - The Shining

4) Multiple Man - Luxury Boys

5) Moonwalk - Fatima (Original Mix)

6) Fell Reis - Renaissance

7) Affkt - Red Crocanti (Original Mix)

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8) Kane Michael - The Things We Left Unsaid

9) WhoMadeWho - Dynasty (Kölsch Remix)

10) ID

11) Hidden Empire - Black Beauty (Original Mix)

12) Yogg - Close Enough

13) Boston 168 - Cybernetics

14) Cleric - Plunge

15) NX1 - MRD1

16) Tim Tama - Alignment

17) Overclocked - COLLIDE

18) Cybonix - Shake Yo Body

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