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Madison Square Garden Company Launching MSG Sphere For Grand New Concert Experience

MSG Sphere is going to bring the most innovative sound and production to an arena setting.
MSG Sphere Concert Rendering

MSG Sphere Concert Rendering

The Madison Square Garden Company is launching its new live entertainment venture, MSG Sphere, which it hopes will change the concert experience. The company is prepping to launch new venues around the world that promise to bring state of the art sound, production and more that they hope will create the next generation of technology-driven concert spaces.

The company will launch a 18,000 capacity venue in Las Vegas that brings all new audio technology called beamforming audio, which sends sound to specific location instead of just spreading it out over the entire space. This allows concert space to not have to blast music at high volume and still have clear quality.

The venue was unveiled last night at an event in New York City and it will be grand. The venue will be shaped in a Sphere and have cameras inside and outside that connect either providing a feed from inside to the outside wall of the venue so people outdoors can see the concert, or it can blend in to the surrounding Vegas skyline. We will see if the 36 miles of LED lighting wrapped around the venue has an impact on flying wildlife.

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There will be high-speed internet everywhere in the venue because they want you to share your experience. Inside, MSG claims, according to Billboard, will have the largest, most high-def screen on Earth “comprising of 250 million pixels with a 19,000 x 13,500 resolution.”

A lot of this venture was inspired by big EDM shows at Madison Square Garden like Swedish House Mafia or Eric Prydz, where the production is as important or more so than the music.

There won’t be any sports at the venue in Vegas, though maybe some fights according to USA Today. It won’t tentatively open until 2020.

There is more. MSG Sphere will also open a venue in East London to compete with O2. According to a press release, it will “feature an iconic design, and will be equipped with game-changing technologies that push the limits of connectivity, acoustics, video, and content distribution.” 

The future of sound, production and concert spaces is coming soon. 

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