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Male Aussie Dance Music Facebook Group Shared Nudes, Explicit Photos Of Women, Investigation Finds

All of this was done without the women's consent.

A now-defunct Facebook group called Tracks and Snatch containing prominent men in the Australian dance music scene allegedly shared nudes and other explicitly photos and videos of women. The videos and photos were posted without the women’s consent according to an investigation by the ABC.

The group only existed for about four years and was a place where music was shared (tracks), but the explicit content is the main concern.

Freelance reporter Phoebe Loomes investigated the group and saw its contents.

"It's not innocent, it's private sex, there's Snapchats in there, it's all photos without these girls' permission," she said.

"It was upskirts in clubs, girls passed out in clubs, girls passed out in bed after intercourse.”

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The content got more extreme as time went on with a culture of one-upmanship. There were mid-sex videos.

ABC also spoke to several other DJs who were in the group, but soon left once they saw what the group was really about.

Rowan Dix, a singer and DJ, performs as Joyride and is a prominent member of the Australian dance music scene spoke about the contents.

"It was I guess equal parts producers and music-makers from around the country sharing tracks that they'd made to other DJs but then also photos of women," he said.

"From sharing photos that these girls had posted online already, to photos that had been sent to these guys privately."

Raph Lauren, a DJ and producer, was also added to the group but left very quickly when he realized the group was about “softcore porn.”

This isn’t just small people in the business; this was likely some big names as well who were a part of it, though it is unclear how active everyone was without seeing the contents of the group. Just another example of the boys club in dance music.

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