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Meet the Volcano: The World’s Classic Vape

We reviewed the super popular vaporizer, so you can see what the fuss is all about.
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The Volcano

Pens, cartridges, conduction, convection, oil, dab, wax, shatter, terpenes, temp—these are but a few terms you’ll see when shopping a great vaporizer. Today, there are numerous options for vaping the various forms of cannabis. Still, few hold a candle to one of the originals—the Volcano Classic by Storz & Bickel.

At 3.5 pounds, by today’s standards the Volcano Classic is far from portable, it’s part of the charm. The aircraft inspired stainless steel exterior sits at home next to toasters, blenders and the occasional Nespresso. After 18 years, the Volcano reigns champion of “at home” vaporizers—mostly because it works, and the vapor quality is simply exceptional.

Don’t let the 400-plus dollar price tag dissuade, you’ll only purchase a Volcano once, unless gifting extras to family and friends. Minus a portable option (Storz & Bickel make that, too), the technology is so effectively simple, it’ll probably last forever. If destined to relics, rest comfortably Volcanoes are more turntable than minidisc. 

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Users set an EZ Valve (always opt for the EZ Valve set, it’s easier) on top of the base and hot air at your desired temperature flows over your cannabis, be it flower or concentrate, vaporizing tantalizing terpenes, cannabinologic cannabinoids, and healthy fresh flavonoids, forming milky clouds of balloon-filled canna-goodness. Perfect for sharing and easier on the lungs, this is aromatherapy done right.


Volcano fired up and ready to rock

Let’s gloat eternally, the online cloud is a “Googleplex” of gleaming Volcano reviews, many ages old. Like a 1982 Led Zeppelin Coda LP from the Expedit (Kallax, whatever), dust one off, put the stylus in the groove, and welcome the warm Rush of gaseous grace. I Can't Quit You Baby.

Click, don’t skip, ordering a Volcano Classic today—your grower loves one.

The Storz & Bickel Volcano is also available in a digital version. Both Volcano Classic and Volcano Digital can be sourced online at:

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