Michael Graves, a multi Grammy-winning mastering engineer at Osiris Studio, states that the Technics turntables have always given him the reference quality he needs at work. He specializes in audio restoration and preservation, so a turntable that provides him a replica of the master's sound is imperative. "[Technics' drives] are perfect in every sense." 

Audio restoration and preservation requires the utmost attention to detail, skill, patience, and some of the highest quality gear money can buy. Graves works with recordings that are super rare (only a few in a world), so he often only has one chance at successfully digitizing something. "I don't want be to messing with a turntable that's not going to digitize it right because you might only get one pass with some of these records," he adds.

Alongside a myriad of other improvements, Graves mentions that Technics improved upon the "wow" and "flutter" (which was virtually nothing to begin with). The noise floor has also went down. 

In the video below, Graves states that Technics made the SP-10R model "better, and I don't know how they did. They've improved upon this thing that I pretty much thought was perfect as it was." 

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At the beginning of 2018, Technics announced its state-of-the-art turntables, the SP-10 and SL-1000R. The SP-10 retails at around $10,000, while the SL-1000R goes for $20,000.

Technics has continually produced products that consumers, prosumers, and professionals like Michael Graves can count on over the years. The SP-10 and SL-1000R are no exceptions, as you'll see in the video.

If you have a couple vinyl records, nice speakers, and $20,000 laying around, the SL-1000R is highly recommended. However, it will likely be well out of the price range for most DJs and consumers. That is to say if a man who deals with rare and precious vinyl records thinks they are great, then if you win the lottery, it might be a good investment.

For the in-depth specs and features on these state-of-the-art turntables, visit Technics' blog post here

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