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Nicolas Jaar Released An Album On A Little Known Alias And It Is Excellent

Jaar released the disco-influenced album as Against All Logic earlier this month.
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Nicolas Jaar press photo

Nicolas Jaar press photo

Nicolas Jaar always draws a crowd either at his gigs or to his music when he releases something. However, there are extended periods when it seems like he can go dormant and not release any music. It seems as though that isn’t true as he recently released a new album titled 2012-2017 under a little known alias called Against All Logic A.L.L.

The new album is a bit different from Sirens and the rest of the work that Jaar puts out under his own name. It is more upbeat, groovy, melodic with synth work throughout the LP and old disco samples mixed into the tracks. It shows another side of Jaar that you don’t always get to see, but you can still see his production handiwork on the record.

Thought his came out with little announcement, he has mentioned other aliases in the past. In one Crack Magazine interview he says, "I always find it funny when announcements say something is 'the first Nicolas Jaar single in three years,' as I've put out work under many different names."

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In addition to this album, Jaar has teased an ambient album, which he played out on night in New York towards the end of last year, though no news has emerged from that since.

Listen to the album below.

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